Am I Allowed?

Having my first baby changed the course of my life. The way I was treated led to 40 years of activism and my writing the precursor to... plataforma iq option

Citizen Action

an encouraging example and impetus for other vital grass roots actions by committed citizens elsewhere.

Birthing your baby: the second stage of labour

The Birth Practice and Politics Forum is delighted to announce the publication of Birthing your baby: the second stage of labour by Nadine P

How to dismantle the NHS

This election may well turn out to be a pivotal moment for the NHS after which privatisation will either become accepted and accelerated or

Midwives should...

It saddens me how often writing around birth fails to look at the economic and political context in which we work. Yet that context so...


There is a real problem throughout health and social services which is particularly evident in maternity services and that is the issue...